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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance We at Inovorks provide testing and quality assurance services to achieve successful deliveries. With our Qa strategy we help reduce support cost and maximize ROI. Our established quality Centre of excellence (Qcoe) integrates management expertise and tools and makes them conveniently accessible to all project teams through one central source. We ensure our QA practices to align with industry standards.

Full Life cycle Testing Our fully customizable services enables us to test every stage of SDLC and take responsibility for test case creation /execution and Defect management at the enterprise or program level. Our practice offers a suite of software testing that spans across functional, regression, agile, performance, mobile app testing and automation. We provide a test process framework which help in early course correction and proactive decision making thereby resulting in:
  • Eliminating/Reducing defects that impact business use of the application.
  • Provide stability in production.
  • Significantly improve the Quality.
  • Our testing Centre of excellence and InoTest Lab enable us to provide innovative solutions to our customers testing concerns.

    Quality Assurance

    Test Automation We create automated tests for desktop, web and mobile applications that will save you time and money while improving your testing. We recommend state-of-the-art testing framework with either your preferred software test automation tool or open source tool to reduce the time and costs for large-scale software test automation...

    QA consultation  Establish a Test Organization, including selection of automated test tools, selection of team members and coaching to make sure it all works. We cater the right solution for all your needs. We help our clients to optimize their internal QA processes by sharing our best practices. Through our Software QA Consulting Services we help clients to improve their existing QA processes and build a team within their organization, using our In-House Independent QA Team Setup service....

    QCoe Our Testing Coe focus on testing effectively and deals with process, tools, and best practices for enhancing testing effectiveness. Coe provides strategy to focus on enhanced percentage of successful deliveries by thorough defect identification, for optimize cost overall and reducing testing cycles...

    Our Priority

    We at Inovorks prioritize, training execution as its core competency. Our major strength has been our “ Quality Training Delivery Solutions and “Client Co-ordination” that we provide to our clientele. With stressing on“Quality Training”, we follow a strict processes in assessing the trainers and the training requirements. Our competitive pricing, customer approach and ability to handle challenging engagements, enable us to attract and retain quality trainers and High Demand Clients in the industry.